All About Super Mario Run Game – Tips and Cheats

super mario run tips and cheats

Hello gamers! Today we are going to discuss about the game which is rocking the gamine world. The game is the Super Mari Run. This game is the latest edition in the Super Mario Series. A series which we have all experienced in our childhood. This game is developed and published by Nintendo. It is produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and is Designed by Takashi Tezuka.

The Engine which is used by this game is of Unity and the game is available on iOS and Android Devices. Unlike other Mario games this one is an auto-runner. This makes the game very easy to play. The in-game currency in this game is called Coins. The thing which we didn’t liked about this game is the 10$ purchase that you have to make in order to unlock all the levels.

The game has received really good reviews from game reviewing sites like metacritic, ign etc.According to Apptopia the game was downloaded 2.85 million times on the day of its release breaking the current record of Pokemon Go. According to AppAnnie the game has been downloaded more thank 37 million times.

The Super Mario Run Hack

We saw that how great this game is. As we told you that we didn’t liked the limited number of resources present in the game and the high amount of money charged for unlocking the levels. That’s why we decided to make a cheat tool which can generate unlimited coins for you and can unlock all the levels for free. We have made that cheat tool and has named it the Super Mario Run Hack. You can use this hack from our site. This hack is totally safe to use and has a very intuitive interface which even a non-technical person can understand.

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