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super mario run information

Hello Super Mario lovers! The Super Mario Run game is out now and as always Nintendo has not disappointed us. This new edition of Super Mario series is rocking the gaming market and grabbing some good reviews from sites like ign, metacritic etc. Although people are loving it but still we found some problems in the game. The first one is the limited amount of in-game resource i.e. coins and the other is the 10$ price for unlocking all the levels. Except these two things the game is pretty awesome in every aspect. So, today we are going to tell you whether this game deserves your device’s storage or not. Let’s start with Super Mario Run gaming review.


The Super Mario Run’s gameplay is better than the previous versions. First of all this is an auto runner game which makes it easy for newbies to control the Maro’s movement. Controls are pretty easy you have to tap on the screen in order to make mario jkump. You can use combinations of tapping to make Mario jump in different ways.


What can you expect from a 2-D runner game? But still Super Mario Run has given us pretty good graphics to enjoy. The colors are eye catchy and battles are fun to watch. Overall it will be a good gaming experience.

The Super Mario Run Cheats

As we said earlier, we didn’t liked the high chrages from unlocking the levels and the limited supply of in-game resources. That’s why we deviced an cheat tool which can unlock all the levels and can generate unlimited amount of in-game resources in Super Mario Run. This cheat tool is called the Super Mario Run Cheats and you can download it from our site. It is safe and free to use. Enjoy!

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